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Fractional Property Investment in Phuket

Investing in Phuket Properties

2019 starts with a new Project for international buyers who wants to invest in Fractional Property in Phuket.

How many times have you wanted to invest in a property but your budget wasn’t sufficient due to the increasing prices on Phuket?

With the Fractional Property Investment Project we are able to make your investment more affordable and basically meeting almost everybody’s budget with the same ROI of 7% per year, usually a privilege for higher investments.

What is Fractional Property Investment?

Starting with a 400.000 baht minimum amount, you will be able to be the co owner of an apartment with a 7% Net Guarantee Return for 15 Years and with Buy Back at the end of management period.

How to do that?

We have set up an Eskrow Account where you will send the amount for the co ownership, it can be from only 400.000 baht up.

We will keep this funds for 3 months in the Eskrow Account and in the mean time find a match with other investors to fulfil the selling price of the property.

If in 3 months we won’t purchase any property with your funds, you can withdraw the funds or leave it for another 3 months.

Let’s say there are 4 investors with 800.000 baht each and a property at 3.200.000 baht selling price in the project they all liked.

We proceed at the purchase and in the purchase contract there will be the names of all 4 investors.

The contract will be registered at the Land Department to protect the investors in any legal aspect of the transaction.

Every year, in a single payment, the developer will pay the 7% Net Rental Guarantee into the Eskrow Account and then, the Legal Office will redistribuite the Rental Guarantee to each co owner according with amount each investor participated at the purchase.

In this case: 3.200.000 baht x 7% = 224.000 baht (-3% withholding tax) = 217.280 baht NET, every co owner will receive 54.320 Bath. This every year for 15 years.
From the 10th till the 15th year of the management contract, the co owners can ask to activate the buy back option. The developer will buy back the property at the initial selling price and, practically refund the capital.

During the 15 years Rental Guarantee, each investor with 25% of the property will receive a total of 814.800 baht + the initial capital of 800.000 baht = 1.614.800 baht.

We decided to work with one of most important and reliable developer in Phuket, currently with 6 projects, because the Rental Guarantee perceptual, buy back option and terms of payments are the same for all. This company is in the market for 32 years and in our database they never missed a payment to our customers and with a leading Legal Firm in Phuket to ensure all the legal terms to protect our clients.

Here the projects we are offering for the Fractional Ownership Project:





This project in collaboration with:




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